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South African men may try desperately to persuade their spouses about the benefits of a sports car over a practical sedan, but they know in their hearts that when it comes to buying a car that their better halves will ultimately make the decision about what will be parked in the garage.


But, says Des Fenner, General Manager of Datsun South Africa, local men shouldn’t feel alone.  Reports around the globe have shown that women control the purse strings, but are also less emotional than men when it comes to buying cars.


“Men should also realise that they are likely to buy not only what their women want, but in most cases, will also lose the battle when it comes to deciding what colour the new car will be. The juries on car purchasing habits around the world have made their decisive findings and the results are that women win the contest hands-down. They are definitely in the driver’s seat.”


Mr Fenner points to several major surveys that have delivered supporting evidence of this.  They include:

  • An assertion by Bloomberg, the international financial wire service, that women in the USA make nearly 85% of consumer purchases and influence nearly 95% of all buying decisions.
  • An iSeeCars.com survey of pre-owned car buying habits that looked at the genders of more than 500 000 people inquiring about cars. This revealed ‘stark differences’ between the buying habits of men and women. Amongst these, their research showed that:
  • Women consider prize, affordability and practicality when buying cars.
  • Fuel efficiency, safety and reliability ranked higher with women than men.
  • The cars men really wanted cost on average three times more than the price tag women were happy with.
  • Men made up about 90% of buyers for ‘posh’ European sports cars and ‘fancy’ SUVs.
  • Other research revealed that women are more choosy when it comes to buying a car because:
  • They will take 75 days thinking about the pros and cons of buying a car, while men will take 62 days.
  • Women do more web-based research on vehicles and dealerships than their male counterparts.
  • Women favour traditional car colours, whilst men are increasingly opting for brighter, unconventional colour choices. Another iSeeCars study found that:
  1. Men are 25% more likely to choose orange as a car colour.
  2. Women prefer white, gold, silver and beige.


“As if this isn’t enough for men to absorb, a recent report in the USA, quoted in Forbes magazine, found that women with driver’s licences in the USA outnumber men across all age groups above the age of 25. The same scenario is evolving in other countries across the world.


“In the UK new driver’s licence applications by men are declining, and those by women are increasing. In Germany, women hold more than 40% of licences and the rate is increasing rapidly,” says Mr Fenner.


“A limited ‘dip-stick’ survey’ of Datsun dealers around the country underlines the international trends. It indicates that more women than men make inquiries about the fuel efficiency and practical aspects of the Datsun GO.


“Generally about 55% of purchasers entering our showrooms are female, 25% tend to visit dealerships on their own.  Affordability is a major consideration by most female customers.  The most popular colours for vehicles at our dealerships are white and silver.


“There is no doubt that manufacturers are becoming more aware of the importance that women play in acquiring cars for the family, or for their own driving pleasure. Perhaps we should all be taking note of the latest ‘extra on offer’ with many vehicles in the USA - an accelerator pedal that is specially designed to accommodate high heels,” says Mr Fenner.





Six-time Olympic gold medalist and Nissan Global Director of Excitement Usain Bolt has risen to numerous challenges on the track. Now, in Nissan’s digital campaign, “Bolt vs. Flame,” he faces an unprecedented challenger – fire.


Released today across Nissan digital channels, a two-minute, documentary-style film shows Bolt being challenged in a fictional “Fire Research Laboratory” to contend against the speed of a flame. Bolt shares in the video what it feels like to be the fastest person on Earth and how he prepares to compete on the world’s biggest stage, saying, “I set goals for myself. My goal is to be the greatest.” The video, filmed in Bolt’s home country of Jamaica, also shows the sprinter driving his custom Nissan GT-R painted in “Bolt Gold.”


“Usain Bolt’s daring attitude to always go further is inspiring. We wanted people to experience the inner strength of the most famous sprinter in history when posed with a challenge to reach even further. This is also an opportunity for fans to see Usain with his custom Nissan GT-R, which soon will be available in Brazil. To see the world’s fastest man driving the world’s fastest mass-produced car is exhilarating,” said Ronaldo Znidarsis, VP Marketing & Sales, Nissan Brazil.


The Bolt vs. Flame film project is supported by a global social media tease campaign, featuring a series of 9.58 second videos and movie posters created from 19,000 actual matchsticks being lit on fire for dramatic effect. Additional footage and behind-the-scenes videos featuring Bolt will be released over the next month. The campaign is being supported through a robust paid social effort across Brazil.


The 2017 Nissan GT-R will be launched in Brazil in 2016, making this year the most exciting yet for the Japanese brand in South America’s largest country.







Owning a car brings freedom and mobility!  But unfortunately, it also adds to your list of expenses. The good news is that although fuel, maintenance and services are part of car ownership, running costs can be reduced effectively by adopting a few good habits.


So says Des Fenner, General Manager of Datsun South Africa, who launched the Datsun GO in 2014 - it became the best-selling new car for first-time car buyers, and was named the most affordable new car by ‘parts basket’ in the most recent Kinsey Report.


Mr Fenner points out that the more conservatively you drive, the more you can reduce costs, and have money available for some of the other fun things you would like to do. What is most important, he says, is that service schedules should be met as they ensure that oil changes, changing of air and oil filters, amongst other scheduled tasks are essential to keep a car’s engine and other functions moving smoothly throughout a vehicle’s life.


“Besides maintaining a vehicle correctly there are 10 Top Tips that you can follow when it comes to saving money on the road,” says Mr Fenner. These are:

  1. Keeping tyres at the right pressure. Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres lead to uneven wear, which means that tread life is shortened and tyres have to be replaced sooner than would otherwise be the case. In addition, correctly inflated tyres reduce fuel consumption and bring down the biggest cost of running a car.
  2. When changing tyres, it pays to ensure that all have the same tread pattern. Having ‘odd’ tyres with different treads can influence road holding, safety and running costs.
  3. Driving smoothly and sticking to speed limits. Fast take-offs from traffic lights and weaving through traffic at higher speeds results in increased fuel consumption. In the long run, driving wildly may save you a few minutes but the penalty will be felt in your pocket.
  4. Control use of the car’s air conditioner. Although an air conditioning system is great for keeping cool and fights driver fatigue on blistering summer days, it does impact on fuel consumption. Depending on the size of your car’s engine and the power used by the air conditioner, constant use can push up fuel consumption by between 13% and 21% say the experts.
  5. Keeping windows closed while you drive. This ensures that wind resistance is not increased and savings in fuel costs are the result. The higher the speed with windows open, the more fuel used.
  6. Being aware that roof racks and other additions to a car increase wind drag. Unless you are using a roof rack, leaving it on the car permanently will result in increased running costs.
  7. Minimising vehicle idling. Gone are the days when engines needed to idle for several minutes to reach the point where they were ‘warm’. Today’s cars do not require this step as they warm up quickly and reach operating temperatures easily.
  8. Driving in the highest gear possible. Driving at high speeds guzzles fuel.  Changing gear when the appropriate rev levels are reached means smoother driving. The sooner you get into top gear, the less stress on the engine and the more money you will save.
  9. Avoiding short journeys. Driving short distances are less fuel efficient than long journeys. Every time a vehicle is turned on, fuel is used.
  10. Knowing what you are buying. Taking time to examine the ‘hidden costs’ when buying a car can save you significant amounts of money. For example, a car may have a low price tag, but parts for services could be expensive. In the event of an accident, the replacement of body panels’ costs could be steep. These costs are hidden as they impact on insurance rates and people often take out insurance without thinking about enquiring what rates are for different vehicles in a similar category.


“At Datsun, we understand the need for young motorists to look at the most budget friendly options to break through to independent motoring.  We encourage first time car buyers to consider these tips so that they can keep motoring costs within an affordable range,”  says Mr Fenner.







Nissan is offering each of its Olympic ambassadors the opportunity to win a gold-wrapped Leaf EV. All they have to do is… win a gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

The prize athletics competition has been launched by Sir Chris Hoy, himself a Nissan ambassador who knows a thing or two about winning Olympic golds: he has six of them (plus a silver).

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The Japanese representative in the subcompact class is actually the model that started the entire crossover craze in this particular niche – so following it up with a new generation is a hard nut to crack for Nissan.

Nonetheless the automaker will allegedly present next year the second installment of the Juke – and after setting the basis for the segment back in 2010 the little SUV now has a huge competition to battle. Setting the benchmark is great, but the Juke has been followed since by competitors that have continuously improved their formula for success.

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She may have a diploma in gourmet cooking but the kitchen isn’t where you’ll find 51-year-old Jessie Mayo of Johannesburg. This foodie has an appetite for fine-tuning of a different nature.

Most would think it unusual to find a woman in a motor workshop but this is exactly where Mayo has spent the past 29 years and couldn’t be happier. It’s a thriving family business which has been going since 1973.

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The new 2018 Nissan Frontier is in the final design stages. Will it be coming with a Cummins Turbo diesel?

Nissan has declared it’s the “Year of the Truck.” Nissan will be bringing mid-size truck buyers a new-generation 2018 Frontier soon. Will it be getting a Cummins diesel option? If its like the new Titan half-ton single cab, it will. The new Titan will be offered with a Cummins 5.0-liter V8 Turbo Diesel, which is rated at 310 horsepower and 555 lb-ft of torque. It won’t be getting this diesel powerhouse, but it could come with a smaller version.

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Nissan graciously decided to give the R35 generation GT-R one last update before going back to the drawing board, and a rather substantial one at that. More power, more comfort, more refinement—this last refresh brings a whole lot of more. James Disdale of Auto Express, decided to see if all that more adds up to better when compared to the significantly more spartan R34 Nissan GT-R.

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In the ever-sharper race for social media attention, seeing a Bugatti Veyron being taken for a wannabe offroading stint isn't that unusual nowadays. However, if you're looking for some serious offroading in a machine that was intended for speed and nothing else, you'll obviously need to take your car down the customization path.

This is precisely what an aficionado named Marcus Ian Meyer did with his 350Z. The resulting contraption, which you can check out in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, is the kind of ride that mixes rugged terrain abilities with throttle steering pleasures

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South Africa will receive new number plates in 2017, reports the Department of Transport.

News of the new number plates first came to light in 2015 when the Department of Transport sent out a notice informing South Africans of its intended plan of action.

The new plates, says the department, will have to be renewed every five years. Wheels24 has contacted the Department of Transport regarding costs and a roll-out plan.

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Now that SUVs are selling as if they had rare Pokemons stashed inside, carmakers are rapidly expanding their lineups to appeal to any and all potential customers. There are those who like the rugged SUV image, but on the other side of the coin are buyers who want sleek lines and luxury appeal to make their big cars less conspicuous. Nissan, an automaker that once prided itself on sturdy and boxy looking truck-based SUVs, has now gone the route of the former by transforming its Pathfinder into the very definition of the soccer mom’s car.

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What about maintaining your vehicle's interior?

Once you've washed and buffed your car, you want to make sure that it remains that way. This means that you need to be organised and with a few simple additions to your cabin, you can ensure your vehicle remains clean

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Would you be willing to pilot a Nissan GT-R modified to put out 2,000 horsepower? How would you feel at speeds exceeding 200 mph? And what would you do if it all started to go wrong during braking from a speed run?

One lucky fellow with Team Insanity Racing had the guts to find out all of the above in the team's Switzer Goliath X GT-R. Outfitted with massive turbos, this car can churn out 2,000 horses. That's great for speed runs, but not when you loose control.

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Each year various companies send out safer driving tips for women or insurance tips that can be beneficial for female policy holders. It seems in motoring there are different standards depending on gender.

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When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your vehicle’s tires? If you have to think about it, chances are it was too long ago.

Tires are hugely important, not just for safety but also comfort, handling and even fuel economy. In fact, they’re the only part of your vehicle that should ever touch the road. Ignore their maintenance to your own peril.

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Ever wanted to know what it's like to text while driving and using your feet to do so? Just ask this incredibly reckless driver captured via a cellphone video.

Why shouldn't you engage in 'texting and feeting'? Because 1) it's is illegal and 2) incredibly dangerous for all road users

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