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Nissan will officially debut the new 2017 Nissan GT-R at the SA Festival of Motoring, where it is set to shine both on and off the track.


The SA Festival of Motoring is scheduled for 31 August to 4 September and it will be the first, and possibly the only public viewing of Nissan’s highly acclaimed new supercar. The first shipment of GT-Rs is expected to arrive in South Africa mid-September and all vehicles in this shipment have already been sold.


“We cannot think of a more perfect setting to launch the new Nissan GT-R than at the refurbished Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. Visitors to the festival will not only have the opportunity to view the new model at our stand, but they can vie for a chance to go for a hot lap in a new GT-R around Kyalami!” says Xavier Gobille, Managing Director of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales at Nissan South Africa.


The new GT-R was officially launched at the New York International Auto Show earlier this year, and features a comprehensive redesign, upgraded engine and new interior – whilst keeping true to its GT-R roots. 


Highlights of the new model include an uprated version of the legendary hand-built 3.8 litre V6 VR38DETT engine with 408 kW and 632 Nm. The engine features redesigned twin-turbos and fine-tuned individual ignition timing on each cylinder for a wider torque spread (which peaks from 3 300 rpm to 5 800 rpm) and more power at high revolutions.


The engine delivers power to all four wheels through a refined six-speed dual clutch transmission, which is controlled from new moving paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. The new GT-R still offers Nissan’s brutal launch control for a 0-100 km/h acceleration run that has dropped even further to 2.6 seconds.


“Every dynamic element of this vehicle has been tweaked, improved or re-engineered. The front bonnet creases are deeper and ensures better airflow, the 20 inch wheels ride on lightweight forged alloys and the rear has been redesigned for even greater downforce. This makes for a faster and even more sure-footed supercar,” says Gobille.


Gobille will soon assign a group of GT-R specialists to pilot the 2016 model around the track as part of a special event at the Festival of Motoring. Throughout the festival a host of supercars will set various lap times around Kyalami. Although not an official competition, it will certainly be a draw card and the new Nissan GT-R will be right there to show its steel.


“We are talking to several of our GT-R owner-drivers who have performed so well in the Knysna Hill Climb, where we came fourth overall and first in the supercar class. With so many skilled owners, we will have our hands full to select the drivers for the Festival of Motoring,” says Gobille.


Visitors to the Nissan stand will have an opportunity to view the new GT-R both inside and out.  Also on display will be a selection of previous generation GT-R. From the infamous 1971 2000 GT-R, the birth of Godzilla in 1988 with the R32 GT-R to the newly unveiled MY17 GT-R.






Nissan South Africa and BMW Group South Africa have added momentum to Cape Town’s green revolution with the introduction of their first joint electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) charging stations in the Western Cape.


The three charging stations are located at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town and are supported by Growthpoint Properties, who manages the complex.


Nissan and BMW last year signed a memorandum of understanding that will see them jointly install EV charging stations across the country’s main metropolitan nodes. The planned charging stations will supplement the stations already available at certain BMW and Nissan dealerships – that can charge both manufacturers’ electric vehicles – and it forms part of the two companies’ strategy to support the adoption of EVs in South Africa’s most populous cities.


The joint venture started its operations in Johannesburg with a combined charging hub at the Industrial Development Corporation in Sandton and the Department of Environmental Affairs in Pretoria. It is also installing charging stations at several of its large metropolitan dealers.


“We welcome the opportunity to partner with another pioneer to establish a wide electric charging infrastructure and, in doing so, drive the adoption of this eco-friendly technology,” says Mike Whitfield, Managing Director of Nissan South Africa.


Nissan has seen the sales of its all-electric LEAF grow steadily as more people adopt the technology and it enters more countries. By the end of June 2016, the company had sold almost 230 000 LEAF globally, saving 415 799 tons of CO2 emissions in the process, making it the world’s best-selling EV. In South Africa, the company has sold 90 LEAF since its trial introduction.


In Cape Town, the V&A charging stations use the faster direct current charging method and Type 2 connectors to charge a wide range of current and future EV and PHEVs. The two companies have confirmed that they are working on charging infrastructure at Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria and they will add a number of smaller alternating current (AC) charging stations around Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town to expand South Africa’s EV charging network.








With two major motoring events coming up in September, Hearing Protection & Communication (HPC) has warned car fans to consider suitable hearing protection – especially for children.


The Festival of Motoring South Africa at Kyalami is just around the corner (September 1 – 4) and the Speed ‘n’ Sound MotorEx at the Ticketpro Dome follows just two weeks later (September 16 – 18). At both, motoring enthusiasts in Gauteng will be able to get up close to some of the most exciting and powerful two- and four-wheel machinery in the land.


But the downside of all this is noise. Some of these machines will definitely generate extremely high noise levels – in some instances probably well above 120 decibels.


Normal speech is about 60 dB and because of the way sound is measured, a 3 dB change represents a doubling of the sound pressure level.  A jet engine at take-off measures about 140 decibels, as does a gunshot from a small calibre handgun. Exposure to noise greater than 145 dB can cause permanent physical damage and unprotected exposure to decibel levels above 165 is virtually certain to damage a person’s hearing - instantly.


Explains Heinz Böse of HPC: “Noise levels from performance or competition engines can rapidly rise to a point where it exceeds a safe threshold and even short-term exposure to these levels can not only cause pain but also lasting damage. Sensitive young ears require extra protection and we recommend something like the Peltor Kid earmuffs when in a noisy environment.  While designed primarily with music and entertainment in mind, they’re equally useful when around revving engines.”


Peltor Kid earmuffs are tailor-made for little ‘uns. Apart from the striking pink and neon green colours, features include wide, liquid-filled sealing rings for minimal contact pressure, a low profile headband, spacious inner cups, hygienic replaceable inner cushions, and a slimline design. Their Attenuation Rating (SNR) of 27 dB means they are more than capable of keeping sound pressure at an acceptable level.


Peltor Kid earmuffs can be purchased at good gunshops or, alternatively, on-line from www.hpc-peltor.co.za . Recommended retail price is R395.








Our Datsun sign was recently erected and it looks especially beautiful at night time. Watch the space for exciting additions to the existing Datsun range coming soon...








Earlier in August, Wheels24 reported that South African motorists are set to receive new number plates.

Readers were quick to react with the majority believing that the proposed number plates are a bad idea.

News of the new number plates first came to light in 2015 when the department sent out a notice informing South Africans of its intended plan of action.

Initially the Department of Transport (DoT) denied that it intends to replace vehicle number plates, claiming that the proposal is a fabrication. Mere days later the DoT stated that SA would in fact receive new plates, though did not confirm when the rollout would begin.

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All the talk these days is about what are often called crossovers: Whether big, small or medium-sized, they're SUVs built with an architecture that was once limited to cars — and they've been selling like gangbusters in recent years. But traditional full-sized SUVs, typically underpinned by conventional truck platforms, are not dead; in fact, they're still enjoying strong sales as fuel prices remain low and stable. So it makes sense that Nissan would want to continue to preserve its place in this class with an updated eight-seat 2017 Armada full-size SUV.

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The strengthening Rand has raised the possibility of substantial fuel price cuts at the end of August 2016. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA), commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.

The AA commented: "The Rand firmed substantially against the US dollar in the first fortnight of August.

"However, international petroleum prices showed a sharp jump over the same period. Fortunately for South Africans, the rand is ahead in the contest, and the current data indicates considerable price reductions at month end."

READ MORE: http://www.wheels24.co.za/Fuel_Focus/great-news-for-sa-road-users-another-fuel-price-drop-expected-20160815


Public electric vehicle (EV) charge points will outnumber petrol stations in the UK by the end of the decade, marking a potential tipping point in the adoption of zero emission vehicles.

That is the conclusion of a new analysis by auto giant and EV manufacturer Nissan, which argues that based on current trends EV charge points will overtake traditional petrol stations by August 2020.

READ MORE: http://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/2466836/nissan-ev-charge-points-to-outnumber-petrol-stations-by-2020


Six-time Olympic gold medalist and Nissan 'global director of excitement', Usain Bolt, has risen to numerous challenges on the track.

Now, in Nissan’s digital campaign, “Bolt vs. Flame,” he faces a new challenger - fire.

Released across Nissan digital channels, a two-minute film shows Bolt being challenged in a fictional “Fire Research Laboratory” to contend against the speed of a flame.

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Can 10 little cars on the streets of San Francisco help a global automaker predict the future?

Nissan is counting on it, says Rachel Nguyen, head of the small Renault-Nissan Alliance research unit Future Lab.

“We really want to understand how these cars get used, who uses them and why,” Nguyen said at the seminars Wednesday, talking about Nissan’s examination of car-sharing patterns in San Francisco.

READ MORE: http://www.autonews.com/article/20160803/OEM01/160809895/renault-nissan%26%238217%3Bs-tiny-car-experiment


In anticipation of yet another beautiful South African spring and summer, many road users are looking forward to enjoying warmer weather outdoors. This will include cyclists who remain a vulnerable group among road users.

The Automobile Association (AA) said motorists and cyclists need to ensure safety by adhering to the rules of the road, focusing on the road and traffic, and by acknowledging that each has a right enjoy the road.

READ MORE: http://www.wheels24.co.za/News/Guides_and_Lists/15-top-safety-tips-for-cyclists-motorists-in-sa-20160817


Nissan is bringing a working version of the BladeGlider all-electric sport concept it first revealed in 2013 to Rio to ride the hype wave of the Olympics. The car is cool enough to merit hype in its own right, as a performance-engineered zero emission EV from a company that typically stays in the more conservative end of the market with staid offerings like the Nissan Leaf.

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When it comes to budgeting, many tend to curb spending in certain areas - checking unnecessary items off grocery lists and turning down the odd fancy dinner here and there.

Smart budgeting needn’t mean giving up the things you love. In fact, you can give your bank account a significant boost each month simply by changing a few of your driving habits.

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The head of Renault-Nissan, one of the world's biggest car manufacturers, has warned that a decision on whether to continue investing in the UK is on hold until the Brexit negotiations have produced a result.

Renault-Nissan is the biggest single employer in Sunderland, which was once one of the UK's worst unemployment black spots, and losing the plant would be economically devastating for the region, but Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of Renault-Nissan, said that he was “reasonably confident” it will not come to that.

READ MORE: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/nissan-boss-issues-uk-investment-warning-after-brexit-vote-a7174346.html


In August 2016 Wheels24 reported on new number plates that will be introduced in South Africa in 2017.

This has caused many readers to express their displeasure towards the intended plans, while others are either indifferent or in favour of the new plates.

The intended plans will affect all road-legal vehicles, including those with personalised number plates.

READ MORE: http://www.wheels24.co.za/News/Guides_and_Lists/personalised-number-plates-how-it-works-20160819


Things are looking good for Nissan as their program, named “No charge to charge” is becoming more and more popular. According to the latest news, ten new markets were added to the program in the United States. It seems that more people and companies are trying to make the environment a better place to live in by taking ecological measures in order to protect the planet.

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Uber announced Thursday that it will partner with Volvo to make autonomous vehicles. The tie-up is the latest between automakers and tech companies hoping to speed driverless cars to the market.

Here's a rundown of who's working with whom:

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