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The new vehicle industry’s sales performance continued on its downward trajectory in August, according to the latest data from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa. Industry achieved sales of 46 146 vehicles last month, a year-on-year decline of 9.5%. Passenger sales remained weak, with a 13.1% decline, while light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales remained resilient with sales down only 1%.


The majority of consumers purchase cars through the dealer channel, the passenger and LCV sales fell 18.1% and 5.5%, respectively. Sales through the rental channel grew slightly, year-on-year, at 0.8% – in line with rental companies renewing their fleets. Year-to-date, sales have fallen 10.5%, drawing on from WesBank’s 2016 forecast which anticipates the market to be 12% down from last year.


WesBank’s data also indicates that August’s weak new vehicle sales were driven by this year’s predominant trend: customers shifting to the used market. A total of 133 094 vehicle finance applications were received last month – year-on year growth of 3.7% – and the highest number of applications received for any month of 2016, so far. However, within this there was an 11.1% decline in applications for new vehicles, due to the shift to the used car market. Here, demand for used vehicle finance grew 11.2%, resulting in the used-to-new vehicle ratio growing to 1.67:1.


Buyers financing new vehicles are spending more than ever before, with the price of a new vehicle financed in August at nearly R297 000 – an increase of 13.4%, year-on-year. Demand in the used market drove up prices of pre-owned cars by 9.2% during the same period, with the average used deal now sitting at just over R190 000.


WesBank advises consumers to be sensible when it comes to structuring vehicle finance contracts, and not overextend themselves financially. Paying bigger deposits will help reduce monthly instalments, while shorter contract terms will help buyers reach their contract’s breakeven point sooner – thus avoiding having to delay their new car purchase until it becomes a financial actuality. Car buyers are encouraged to make use the WesBank Affordability calculator before starting their car-buying journey. 




This year South Africa celebrates 120 years since the first car arrived in the country. During August the five top-selling locally-built cars were:

  • VW Vivo
  • VW Polo
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Ford Ranger
  • Isuzu KB







All hail the new 2017 Nissan GT-R ­– Nissan’s most powerful, yet most refined version of the R35 to date.


The new Nissan GT-R arrives in South Africa just in time for the 2016 Festival of Motoring, and the first deliveries to customers will start soon after the event. The new model offers a range of styling, mechanical, luxury and performance upgrades that makes it a more accomplished everyday supercar, with a major improvement in its everyday driveability and more power on tap at mid- and high engine speeds.


“With its first introduction in 2007, the R35 GT-R redefined the boundaries of supercar performance and handling. Over the subsequent iterations, the model has been improved and refined to the pinnacle of hand-built perfection in this, the 2017 model,” says Xavier Gobille, Director of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales at Nissan South Africa.


2017 GT-R – Highlights


3.8 V6 twin turbo hand-built engine

 408 kW @ 6 800 rpm

 632 Nm @ 3 300 – 5 800 rpm

 0 – 100 km/h in under 3 seconds

 Top speed of 315 km/h

 Price: R1 950 000 for Premium Edition, R2 050 000 for the Black Edition.

 Delivery: From September 2016





  • New bonnet, bumpers, grille and side sills
  • New 20” forged alloy wheels
  • All styling upgrades also performance enhancing


The 2017 GT-R features the most comprehensive styling upgrades to date, with all features offering a performance benefit as well.


Viewed from the front, the new GT-R is fitted with a wider, deeper V-motion grille with new matte chrome trim and a redesigned mesh grille pattern. Apart from the more aggressive look, this new design improves air flow to the engine for enhanced cooling.


The grille is fitted between a new front bumper and redesigned bonnet. The bonnet has deeper character lines, which have been designed to work in unison with the new front bumper and bottom lip and the wider side sills for improved air flow and greater stability at very high speeds.


Rounding off the new design is a new rear bumper with functional air vents. This new bumper also aids high-speed air flow for improved drag on the rear wing and greater downforce at high speeds and on the track. The GT-R’s drag coefficient remains a low 0.26.


“One of the distinctive, yet subtle changes, is a higher and slightly wider shoulder line. This is especially pronounced at the rear of the vehicle and it definitely contributes for a more aggressive stance,” says Gobille.



  • Upgraded materials, simplified controls and a tactile redesign create a more upmarket feel
  • Multiple subtle improvements have reduced interior weight
  • New gearshift paddles now turn with the steering wheel


The 2017 GT-R features a brand new interior, replete with hand-selected nappa leather and real carbon fibre.


The dashboard has been redesigned to be more elegant and simple, with the number of buttons in view of the driver reduced from 27 to 11. This was made possible by moving many of the control functions to the new, larger 8” capacitive touch screen with Nissan’s proprietary Display Command system.


The dashboard itself is upholstered in a large, single piece of hand-selected soft nappa  leather. The slight increase in weight of this leather cladding is more than offset by a new type of cushioning material, which is lighter than the material previously used.


The new GT-R now features steering wheel mounted paddle shifts for the dual-clutch gearbox. The new set-up allows for easier mid-turn gearshifts. Both the gear shift paddles and air vent controls have been re-engineered for a more positive tactile feel.


The seats are also upholstered in nappa leather and feature a new carbon fibre chassis for an additional weight reduction, while new sound dampening and an acoustic glass windshield keep unwanted road and wind noise from the cabin.


Engine and drivetrain

  • Power increased from 397 kW to 408 kW
  • Torque increased from 628 Nm to 632 Nm
  • Greater high-speed power delivery
  • Acceleration run to 100 km/m in less than 3s
  • Improved gearbox and gear shifts


The hand-built VR38DETT V6 engine remains the heart of the 2017 R35, but it has been further refined and improved for this model.


The engine benefits from greater boost from the turbo chargers, which are similar to those featured in the GT-R GT3 racing car. It also receives individualised timing control on each cylinder for more power and torque and significantly improved engine performance in the mid- and high-rev ranges.


The VR38DETT torque delivery now peaks at 632 Nm (up from 628 Nm) at a wider band from 3 300 rpm to 5 800 rpm. Kilowatt has increased from 397 kW to 408 kW at 6 800 rpm.


“The Nissan GT-R engine is built by a single craftsman, called Takumi in Japanese. Apart from taking full responsibility for the final performance of each engine, each of the five Nissan Takumi combines his superior technical knowledge with his personal intuition to create one of the best engines in the world,” explains Gobille. “This means that a Takumi may take an engine back to his bench even if the computer read-outs are perfect, simply because he did not like the vibration or sound that the engine made on the test bench.”


A key ingredient in the 2017 GT-R’s blistering 0-100 km/h run is its launch control system and an improved gearbox. The six-speed dual clutch automatically actuated gearbox remains fitted above the rear axle and is connected to the engine with a carbon fibre shaft, but the shifting has been refined to be smoother and less audible.


The GT-R also features a new titanium exhaust system that has been tuned for improved performance and a more appealing mechanical sound. This is enhanced through Nissan’s Active Sound Enhancement system.



  • More rigid chassis and body shell
  • New 20” forged alloy wheels
  • Smoother everyday driving


The GT-R is equipped with new 20” forged alloy wheels that are shod with Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST ultra-high performance tyres. These tyres were developed in partnership with Nissan for the GT-R and feature RunOnFlat technology.


Upgrades to the suspension and a more rigid suspension structure mean that the GT-R now exhibits even better stability and grip through quick lateral transitions, such as on a fast switchback or hairpin on a race track. Along with these dynamic improvements, the engineers at Nissan have spent considerable resources and time on making the GT-R an even better performer at everyday speeds. In doing so, they have ensured that the 2017 GT-R exhibits none of the quirks that makes other super cars a taxing drive on everyday commutes.


“The new GT-R delivers a heart-pounding driving experience at all times, on any road, for whoever sits in the driver’s seat. We have continued to push its performance boundaries to the limit – it’s even more potent than before. At the same time, refinement has been added to take the driving experience to an entirely new level. We’re proud to bring you what we feel is the ultimate GT-R that possesses amazing performance, newfound civility and a rich racing history,” said Hiroshi Tamura, chief product specialist, GT-R, Z and NISMO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


The new GT-R will be available from September at Nissan High Performance Centres. The first consignment of vehicles has already been sold, but order books are open.








Less than two years after the introduction of the Datsun GO in South Africa, Datsun is proud to launch its second model, the GO+. This offers what its name implies – all the attributes that have made the Datsun GO a best-seller amongst first-time car buyers, plus features that will appeal to young, adventurous up-and-coming motorists looking for a car that is flexible and will carry their growing families in style.


Best of all, in true Datsun tradition, this comes at a price that will make getting behind the wheel a lot easier for the young South African family.


“The plus edition of the Datsun GO, the GO+ will create its own unique sub-segment (within the upper A-segment/ lower B-segment), as a versatile multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) offering motorists exceptional value, fuel economy and maintenance at an attractive price. These have all been the hallmarks of Datsun since its re-entry into the country”, said Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun, at today’s launch of the product in Kyalami.


“In addition to our new versatile passenger option, we are also bringing to market our GO+ Panel Van, allowing us to assist entrepreneurs to start up fast, with a business package vehicle solution that delivers a remarkable total cost of ownership enabling small business growth.”


Marking the launch of the Datsun GO+ in its two forms, a 5+2 - versatile 7 seater MPV and panel van version, Mr Fenner, General Manager of Datsun South Africa, said that these two new offerings indicate Datsun’s commitment to the market. The brand is determined to expand its range to the benefit of local motorists by offering them a growing family of Datsun products to meet the varying needs of the local market.


“South Africans, particularly those looking for their first cars and young families needing reliable transport and additional space for seating, comfort and storage, are facing challenges to their budgets caused by the slowing economy and general rise in the cost of living. Datsun offers aspiring and existing motorists the opportunity to make their first car purchase or family vehicle a brand new car. 


“We have no doubt that at a recommended selling price of R134 900 (including VAT), the Datsun GO+ will be a serious challenger in the market, where it will go head-to-head with other marques on offer. With most MPVs retailing at more than R200 000, there is no doubt that the incredible value offered by the GO+ will provide the competitive edge that will see many young families switching to this vehicle. Typically, the GO+ will appeal to buyers of both genders between the ages of 26 and 36.”


Making the Datsun GO+ attractive for motorists and families wanting more room in their cars is:

  • The stylish exterior design that provides the GO+ with a distinctive, sleek and modern look that is identifiable through the characteristic strong shoulder line
  • The 5+2– versatile 7 seater offers flexibility and is attractive to drivers who find themselves needing extra seating that can be configured quickly and easily
  • The third row of seats fold down, offering extra storage space as needed
  • A choice of five colours, including gold - a new option unique to the Datsun GO+
  • Storage capacity of 347 litres with rear seats folded down
  • Driver’s side airbag
  • Air conditioner
  • Drive computer
  • All new dark interior
  • Mobile docking station


The Datsun GO+ is powered by the tested, reliable and economical 1.2 litre petrol engine which produces 50kW at 4 000rpm, a power plant that ensures steady performance in cities and on the open road. 


A driver’s side airbag, seat belts for all passengers, stopping power supplied by large disc brakes upfront with drums at the back, power steering, and powerful headlights complete the offering.


As with Datsun’s other models, the Datsun GO+ offers renowned fuel efficiency, using a mere 5.2 litres per 100km, with the most appealing maintenance costs and new parts basket in South Africa.


“We believe that, in addition to young families, the new Datsun GO+ will be an attractive option for rental companies looking to offer customers a vehicle which extends fun-filled holidays with an adventure-orientated, roomy vehicle for their travels.


“At Datsun South Africa we are excited about the introduction of the Datsun GO+ to the market. We expect that like its stable mate, the Datsun GO, it will become a vehicle that will set trends and become a best-seller, providing access to motorists looking for a real alternative to more expensive motoring options for the family,” said Mr Fenner.







Since October 2014, Datsun styling, reliability and economy have been the preserve of fans of the Datsun GO in South Africa. Now Datsun brings these hallmarks to young entrepreneurs looking for a business vehicle that reflects their fresh approach to commerce and life. The vehicle that answers this call is the Datsun GO+ Panel Van – the latest offering in the Datsun family to reach our shores.


Formally announcing the introduction of the Datsun GO+ Panel Van in Johannesburg on 31 August 2016, Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun, said the new panel van, although a work-horse, has enough style to double as an after-hours leisure vehicle for the young business person investing all they have in a business venture.


“Since we re-introduced the Datsun brand into South Africa in late 2014, we have stayed true to our mission of bringing reliable, attractively priced vehicles to the market to primarily meet the needs of motorists looking for value in difficult economic times.


“The introduction of the Datsun GO+ Panel Van is an indication that we are meeting our commitment to extend our brand offerings to serve the needs of the wider South African market. Our panel van is a watershed in our entry into the light commercial vehicle category.  Alongside this, we are also launching the Datsun GO+, a 5+2 – versatile 7 seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), which marks our appeal to the upper A-segment and lower B-segment MPV markets at the same time.”


The Datsun GO+ Panel Van is ideal for small business owners looking for a city runabout that is capable of moving anything from flowers, catering supplies, to a range of other small to medium sized parcels. It offers a whopping loading capacity of 542 kilograms, and has a loading volume of 3.43m3.


Easy access to loads is offered through the two rear doors on both sides, and the high opening rear hatch, for those quick deliveries and pick-ups. A solid partition separates the cargo area from the driving compartment. The divider is topped with a sturdy mesh grill, that ensures loads stay where required, and provides the driver with the ability to quickly visually check loads.


“The distinctive Datsun styling with its characteristic high shoulder is a feature that makes the new panel van attractive to business owners who may wish to add a vehicle wrap and signage to the Datsun GO+ Panel Van, creating a mobile advertising platform for their businesses,” added Des Fenner, General Manager of Datsun South Africa


The vehicle’s strongest selling point, however, is the Datsun GO+ Panel Van’s total cost of ownership. At an extremely appealing selling price, the cost per kilometre will surely assist any start-up and business-conscious entrepreneur.


“We are aware of the cash constraints facing most of our potential customers within the small to medium sized business sector and pleased to offer the Datsun GO+ Panel Van at a recommended selling price of R149 900 (including VAT), which will certainly assist entrepreneurs and fleets alike” said Mr Fenner.


“Complementing this is the legendary Datsun reliability, fuel efficiency, and most appealing maintenance costs and new parts basket in South Africa. These integral parts of our offering will provide fleet and individual owners with an unbeatable package that suits any company’s budget,” said Mr Fenner.


The Datsun GO+ Panel Van offers entrepreneurs and fleets:

  • Stylish exterior design
  • Driving comfort with air conditioning as standard
  • Spinal support seats that offer unsurpassed comfort and support for long working days spent in city traffic and inter-city driving
  • Driver’s side airbag
  • Electric front windows as standard
  • A roomy cab for driver and co-driver
  • Choice of two colours
  • Dark tinted, smash and grab on all rear windows 
  • Remote door entry for rear loading door
  • Level galvanised steel floor and partitioning with wire mesh
  • Upgraded “Gas stays” for rear door – higher opening aperture
  • Total loading capacity of 542 kg
  • Total loading area of 3.43m3
  • Cost per kilometre of R0.16
  • Claim back 14% VAT if a registered business owner
  • An economical 1.2 litre petrol engine that delivers 50kW at 4 000 rpm
  • Fuel consumption of 5.2 litres per 100km in an urban/country cycle
  • Mobile docking station


“We are very excited about the introduction of the Datsun GO+ Panel Van, which we believe will become a firm favourite in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment, mirroring the successes already achieved by the Datsun GO in the A-segment. Although we are entering a competitive sector, we believe that the panel van’s class-leading loading capacity will be a major factor in its success.


“After all, business owners want to grow their enterprises while keeping their operating costs down. This means having access to vehicles that can grow with their businesses. The ability of the Datsun GO+ Panel Van to carry loads of up to 542 kilograms offers this flexibility,” said Mr Fenner.







We added an additional showroom to compliment our existing used vehicle stock. The showroom is called Droomers Pre-Owned and is situated next to our normal Valid Value Floor at 225 Main Road Paarl.

Come and have a look at the new showroom and exciting Pre-Owned Vehicles and meet the friendly and professional two person team consisting of Nicola Steenkamp Radinovic and Mark Nicolson


 Nicola Steenkamp

Mark Nicolson







Like so many things in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Ghosn’s turn in the Olympic Torch Relay on Friday didn’t go as planned. Ghosn, who is chief executive officer at both Nissan Motor Co. and Renault SA, was supposed to finish his 200-meter leg right in front of a Copacabana hotel covered bottom to top in advertisements for Nissan’s newest car.

The route changed and changed again. The arrival of the torch was delayed. Ghosn’s run was cut short, and when he walked to meet visiting reporters, security guards swarmed him. Take it easy, Ghosn said in the Portuguese of his native Porto Velho: “I’m Brazilian.”

READ MORE: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-07/in-olympic-campaign-nissan-makes-its-bet-on-brazil-s-recovery


Personalised number plates are nothing new in South Africa with many motorists choosing to reflect their personality via word/letter combinations on their cars.

However, though the number plates may be personalised, there are certain regulations and criteria that needs to be met before a plate can be issued. What makes this process difficult is that costs and criteria can differ depending on your province.

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Consumers change their car more often than they change their mattress and bedding, according to data by automotive experts, cap hpi.

In recent years, the length of time motorists owned a car has plummeted, creating a world where consumers are likely to change their car more often than they change their mobile phone or their bedding.

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The Nissan Navara promises rugged practicality allied to an SUV-like cabin ambience, but what is it like to live with?

Henry Ford, the clever man that he was, saw an opportunity to cash in on farmers’ habit of modifying the simple and rugged Model T automobiles they used for working on their fields, and thus the ‘pickup’ was born.

For nearly a century, the pick-up truck has been used to combine everyday transportation with commercial activities. Here in Blighty, the American idol remains about as popular as country music, but perhaps not for much longer.

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Indications are that many motorists are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law due to a misunderstanding fines known as "Section 56" notices.

The City of Cape Town warns motorists against an increase in warrants of arrest being generated for failure to appear in court, largely due to some motorists not understanding the difference between types of fines issued.

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In a parked, unmanned car, the cap on a plastic soda bottle pops off and the cola fizzes out. A plastic toy puppy sags and topples over. A chocolate bar and gummy candies melt into slime.

These eerie images of what happens in a parked car under the scorching sun, shot by Nissan Motor Co., is part of the automaker’s “No more #CarHeatStroke” campaign, started Aug. 4. The 70-second clip, uploaded on Nissan’s official YouTube channel, has gone viral, viewed more than 330,000 times so far.

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With thousands of vehicles cramming city streets, parking is a premium for South African motorists.

Though there are designated areas for parking, some allow drivers to stop (presumably to pick up passengers) but not leave their vehicles unattended.

It might sound simple but not knowing the difference between the two can lead to a hefty traffic fine. What's even more alarming is the fact that at times authorities are unaware of the difference, even if motorists are.

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How is the new 2017 Nissan GT-R connected with the classic 1965 Prince R380? Nissan's beginnings started with the automaker who built this car. They keep the classic car at the famed Nissan DNA Garage. They brought the classic race car out of moth balls to the 2016 Automobile Council show. They also displayed a new 2017 Nissan GT-R alongside it to show 50 years of Nissan evolution. Is the 2017 GT-R destined to become a classic too?

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A driver who was allegedly playing Pokemon GO when he hit and killed a woman in Japan has been arrested, police said Wednesday.

Authorities said that on the incident marked Japan's first fatal vehicle accident involving the popular gaming app.

Keiji Gooh, a 39-year-old farmer, allegedly struck two women on Tuesday evening on a road in Tokushima city, western Japan, as he played the app while driving, a police spokesman said.

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The Nissan Micra will come with an advanced Propilot autonomous system in less than 10 years, according to one of the brand’s autonomous drive bosses, Stewart Callegari.

Callegari said that following Propilot’s introduction to the UK market in the 2017 Qashqai, it would take “less than a decade” for it to trickle down into the Micra, meaning a sub-£10,000 car could feature this type of technology before 2026.

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Ever since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, the outlook of trade in Britain has been tossed in the air. Brexit negotiations have barely begun, and the UK has yet to invoke the Article 50 that would start the official exit process, so there are no real answers to the questions investors, companies, and individuals have about the future. Japanese automaker Nissan, which has a plant in Sunderland, has remained fairly quiet, but the automaker and its CEO finally spoke out this past week

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Leave it up to Top Gear to come up with a race between an Olympic hurdler and the high-performance Nissan GT-R. In an earlier version of the show, the Australian 100 meter hurdler, Michelle Jenneke, takes on Jeremy Clarkson in a high-speed shootout. Who can turn around faster?

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Pick-Up drivers have yet another great reason to choose the Nissan Navara. Already the holder of the International Pick-up Award 2016, and renowned for its tough attitude and robust performance, the entire range has now switched to a more advanced and eco-friendly Euro 6 engine.

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Herewith some feedback about the Sunday 28 August 2016 sponsored ride by Hein Kroff from Kroff Cycles: “TERUGVOERING OP DIE KROFF CYCLES/DROOMERS NISSAN PADFIETSOEFENING VANOGGEND:

Die lente is hier - pragtigste oggend in die Boland gewees en 38 fietsryers het opgedaag en kom saamry - die grootste gros hiervan in die meer rustige groep wat teen so ‘n 25km/h gery het, terwyl daar ‘n paar ryers in die groep was wat @29 avg by Du Vlei gestop het - hulle kan al amper saam met die vinnige manne begin ry.

Die Dippenaar /Bier Tandem was ook vanoggend daar en tesame met Ernst van Dyk en nog n paar reisieshoenders het hulle gesorg vir ‘n avg van 38 km/h oor die volle roete.

Dit was Ernst se laaste oefening voor sy sy vertrek Dinsdag na Rio vir die 2016 Paralimpiese Spele. Ernst is uitstekend voorberei en ek weet dit kan net goedgaan in Rio. Ons almal sal in gees saam met jou daar wees Ernst en die hele groep is baie trots op jou.

Du Vlei het weer nie teleurgestel nie en ons het lekker gekoffie en gesels op die stoep. Daar was ‘n hele paar nuwe gesigte en ek hoop almal is volgende week weer daar - bring sommer ‘n paar vriende ook saam. Christa Bothma se groep dames raak al beter en ek hoop om volgende week nog meer van hulle by die oefening te sien.

Die uwe het die Lucky Draw Prys vanoggend vergeet so ons gaan volgende week 2 pryse trek.

‘n Groot DANKIE aan DROOMERS NISSAN se volgvoertuig wat sorg dat die laaste ryers op die pad veilig en versorg is indien daar n noodgeval is. Op die manier voorsien ons in die behoeftes van die ryers wat nie wil jaag nie maar tog wil deel voel van die groep. Dit is ‘n groot groep met baie kennis aangesien daar elke week ‘n paar provinsiale, nasionale en selfs wêreldkampioene saamry wat hulle kennis deel met die wat wil leer. ‘n Lekker groep mense wat ry omdat hulle lief is vir die sport en met geen ego’s nie.

Baie lekker en veilig oefen die week - sien julle vlg naweek





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